Online Scam Alert: We understand that there is an active online scam targeting job seekers at VMware and other companies.
While the scammers use different techniques and different social media tools, some common aspect of the scam is to offer a position
and send a check to be deposited into the job seeker’s account. While VMware has taken steps to stop this scam, once one route
is shut down, another pops up. If you are interested in a position at VMware, the best source to turn to is the VMware Career page.
All open positions are posted there. And all applications for a position at VMware must be submitted through our Careers page.

University Launch

Immerse yourself in VMware's Research and Development through this new graduate training program.

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Kickstart Your Career In Tech

University Launch is an immersive Research & Development new graduate program specifically designed for recent college graduates at the bachelor’s level. This program brings new graduates together and kickstarts an impactful journey in VMware’s Product organization You will experience in-depth exposure to VMware’s products and business, best in-class technical training opportunities, and career-boosting mentorships.


Frequently Asked Questions

VMware’s business-led initiative, VMInclusion, is focused on creating an inclusive culture at VMware and increasing the representation of women and underrepresented groups to better reflect the communities we live in and serve.

Current office locations include Palo Alto, Atlanta, Austin, and Boston.

In addition to technical trainings, University Launch hires are provided with peer mentors, access to social and networking events, professional development events, and several opportunities to showcase their work to the greater company.

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Innovate in Everything

Innovate in Everything

At VMware, you’ll be challenged every day to “Innovate in Everything.” We don’t believe in having innovation centers because we are an innovation company.

The Future of Work

The Future of Work

We’re building a dynamic, global workforce where our people can work from any location, accelerating their productivity to deliver innovation solutions for our customers.

Life at VMware

Life at VMware

We strive to create a vibrant workplace experience that promotes equity that means creating a culture where diversity and inclusion are mainstream, and where you’re inspired to give more than you take.


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