Online Scam Alert: We understand that there is an active online scam targeting job seekers at VMware and other companies.
While the scammers use different techniques and different social media tools, some common aspect of the scam is to offer a position
and send a check to be deposited into the job seeker’s account. While VMware has taken steps to stop this scam, once one route
is shut down, another pops up. If you are interested in a position at VMware, the best source to turn to is the VMware Career page.
All open positions are posted there. And all applications for a position at VMware must be submitted through our Careers page.


We strive to create a vibrant workplace experience that promotes equity in innovation across our global employee community. For us, that means creating a culture where diversity and inclusion are mainstream, and where you're inspired to give more than you take.


We are proud to offer you and your family a holistic program of benefits that are among the best in the industry.



Benefit Highlights*

  • Generous Parental Leave Plan
  • Community – 40 Service Learning Hours
  • Rethink's Neurodiversity program to support parents raising children with learning or behavior challenges, or developmental disabilities
  • Ongoing development through course work, trainings, conference participation, and more to support skill growth and exploration
  • VMware provides generous Time Off Programs
  • Refuel with onsite cafes at various locations and enjoy delicious, healthy and local inspired snacks in all of our pantries
  • Stay well with VMware's competitive Medical Coverage and Retirement Plans for All Family Types
*These are just a few of the benefits that we offer to members of our employee community. For a full list of benefits, broken out by country, please visit our Benefits Website.

VMware Wellbeing

We challenge the status quo by creating opportunities to care for the whole self and personalize your wellbeing journey through choice.



VMware Foundation

We believe everyone has something unique to contribute to their community. The VMware Foundation empowers you to be an active, engaged Citizen Philanthropist, amplifying your support of your nonprofits of choice. Big things have small beginnings – that’s why your individual actions matter.




We are committed to providing a diverse set of innovation programs that will inspire you to explore new possibilities. Your big ideas continue to unlock new opportunities for organizations around the world and have a positive impact on communities everywhere.



Office of the CTO Innovation Programs


Attend weekly technical talks by and for our internal R&D community. Whether it's a new idea, product demo, epiphany (or learning), you'll enjoy a platform to geek out and collect diverse mindshare with your teammates from around the globe and business units.


Reach into your creative roots and work collaboratively on Flings, features, proof-of-concepts, hacks, or new workflows. Curious about the name? Instead of simply calling this event a hackathon, our engineers named it after their last code repository island name: Bora Bora.


Connect, learn, and get inspired to imagine the future with more than 1,800 of our worldwide engineers at our four-day, internal R&D Innovation Offsite.


Engineers get an opportunity to experiment and test their innovative solutions with our customers. These prototypes or features, not currently in our product, are released for free as a Fling. If it gains enough popularity, it may become part of a VMware product offering.


Whether or not you have a technical background, xLabs helps you fast-track and execute your ideas within a startup-like environment. The program is designed to foster entrepreneurship and support curious innovators shaping VMware’s future.


At VMware, we view our role in society as a force for good. We’re a CarbonNeutral® Company that is powered by 100% renewable energy and our virtualization products have avoided over 540 Million MT CO2e to date. We strive to “walk the talk” by leaving ahead a better future — putting back more into the environment, society, and the global economy — than we take.



VMware Talent Community

Are you interested in staying up-to-date on the latest career opportunities, recruiting events, and company news at VMware? VMware Talent Community is the place for you to do just that.

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