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Virtual Machine Monitor - Verification Engineer

Boston, Massachusetts - US

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The Virtual Machine Monitor team is part of the VM Platform Group, which is responsible for our core virtualization infrastructure.

We are looking for talented and highly-motivated individuals to join the world-class virtual machine monitor group, which is responsible for the CPU virtualization technology in VMware products. Your work will require you to understand the details of new and upcoming x86 CPU architecture, and how they map to concepts such as VT-x/EPT, AMD-V/RVI, interrupt virtualization, memory virtualization/management, dynamic code instrumentation and accelerator virtualization. Part of your work will be to develop programs that verify the implementation of these architectural concepts. Another part of your work will be the development and use of tools that aid the development of these programs.

A successful candidate must possess a very deep understanding of processor architecture. Tools-oriented approaches to problem solution, along with facility with systems programming environments (Linux, C, assembly) are also essential. An understanding of low-level OS kernel internals, including memory management, resource management, and interrupt architecture is also highly desirable.


• MSCS with 4+ years of industry experience or equivalent

• Excellent knowledge of CPU architecture and/or the structure of the PC BIOS

• Knowledge of OS kernel internals, including memory management, resource management, and interrupt architecture

• Extensive development experience working on low-level, performance-critical software; e.g. relevant embedded programming experience

• Strong software engineering background with a passion for delivering enterprise-quality software

• Excellent hands-on implementer with strong C programming skills in a Linux environment

• Strong knowledge of x86 assembly/architecture is also a plus

• Exposure to VMs (Java or x86)

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