Ascent: Non-traditional Hiring Programs

VMware is empowering people with differing experiences and perspectives to start or restart their career at VMware through curated development and hiring programs. Our goal is to set all people up for personal and professional success. Whether you’ve taken an unconventional path to obtain your university degree or you do not have a degree; you’ve taken a break in your career and are now looking to return to work; or you’re looking to switch professions, there is a place for you at VMware. Explore the opportunities below to see how you can make your mark at VMware.



"VMware partners with Apprenti to offer an innovative apprentice program where you can attend a VMware specific, four-month technical bootcamp and receive on-the-job training for a year in a software development role.



"VMware's six-month returnship program for professionals in India, Nakshatra enables you to restart your career after having been away from the traditional workforce for two plus years. Participants receive on-the-job training, mentorship, and learning paths to support a successful transition back into the workforce.


Neurodiversity Inclusion Program

"VMware’s Neurodiversity Inclusion Program is tailored for people with autism. The program includes enablement for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates to engage in an interview process that is inclusive of neurodiverse individuals. If you’re hired through this program, you will receive one-on-one mentorship and formal job coaching to ensure success and satisfaction in your new role.


VMware Ascent Technical Bootcamp

"In partnership with Galvanize, the VMware Ascent Technical Bootcamp provides career opportunities for people in the United States that have non-traditional backgrounds and skillsets, and who are looking for entry level backend software development positions. You will participate in a twelve-week, immersive technical training prior to being extended a job offer from VMware. Access to VMware technical mentors, one-on-one meetings with a dedicated talent acquisition expert, and instruction in DevOps, Java microservice development, advanced data structures, service design patterns, distributed application development, and VMware-specific technologies are several of the benefits of this opportunity. Once hired as a full-time employee, you will receive a personalized, ninety-day onboarding and mentorship experience.



Continuous Development

Tap into custom learning experiences that expose you to VMware’s latest products and solutions, hands-on technical training, and professional skills to advance your career.


Grow Your Network

Gain access to virtual fireside chats and panel discussions with the top minds in the technology industry.


Dedicated Mentorships

You will gain practical advice and support, learn from the experience of others, and develop strategies for dealing with professional situations.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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