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Two employees react with surprise as water is poured over them. Two employees react with surprise as water is poured over them.

Our perks and benefits.

Take a look at our benefits

Changing the world is not an easy job. With your valuable talents and innovative achievements, you deserve to be rewarded with benefits that inspire you to succeed in a fun, flexible environment. Our programs at VMware will keep you engaged and part of a supportive community so you can dare to reach your dreams.

A peek into a glass enclosed, outdoor-looking meeting room with blue walls with clouds on them and green grass-like carpet

An Engaging Environment

Our offices support our culture of innovation and creativity. We have designed our spaces to break down traditional barriers of physical walls and create an environment to promote learning, teamwork and collaboration. We have community think areas where you can spark new ideas with your peers in informal and fun settings. Clear your thoughts and make room for fresh ideas by meeting and connecting outdoors.

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Continuous Learning

We believe this is the engine of innovation, and with it we can accomplish virtually anything.

Through our internal mobility programs, you can:

  • Take advantage of opportunities including course work, trainings, and conferences
  • Work with different teams for skill growth
  • Complete multi-month assignments to figure out what's next for you at VMware

Manager Development Program

Our Manager Program is geared toward helping managers explore the potential in themselves and others. We want to develop a global manager base to support the company in our next phase of growth and help our managers grow at the rate we’re growing as a company.

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At VMware we provide a full range of benefits, programs, and amenities to support you and your loved ones throughout life’s various stages.

AmyVice President of Global Compensation, Benefits and HRIS

Four employees standing behind their bikes.

Work-Life Integration

We appreciate our employees’ hard work and dedication, and we also care about their emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing at work, at home and after hours. We’ve worked hard to create an environment that helps our people lead healthy, integrated lives.

From vacation time to initiatives and activities that encourage and reward fitness, to healthy and green workspaces designed to reduce stress, to onsite amenities that add comfort and convenience to the workplace experience, we provide a comprehensive approach to wellness and work-life integration.

Taking Care of Our People

At VMware, we understand that you have other things going on outside of work and we are here for you and your family. We offer a wide variety of programs to support your personal well-being, build financial security, and enable you to share in VMware’s success.

At VMware you’ll receive:

  • 40 service learning hours
  • Free snacks and drinks provided at various locations
  • Regular social gatherings
  • Free Healthcare support through our Stanford Corporate Partners Program
  • Fun Family Cultural Events
  • On-site gyms at various locations
  • Generous and flexible time off programs
  • Gym reimbursement where no on-site gym is available
  • Competitive Health and Retirement plans
  • Onsite Café at various locations

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